Office seating in a photo-studio setting.

High quality 3D models

  Creating high quality 3D ...

Redwither Tower Reception

Redwither Tower

Interior architectural and furniture ...



These are visuals I produced at Pets ...

Pog Kitchen 31-08-14


3D graphics has always interested me, ...

Executive office suite

Breakout Area



Classic Dining Room

Classic Dining Room

A personal project using pre-built ...

3d training by Viscorbel

Two weeks ago I put some money into online 3d training courses from Austris Cingulis, who runs ...

Viscorbel Training

Sci fi inspiration

I've been re-reading Asimov's "Foundation" ...

Chris Foss' artwork for the front covers of Asimov's triology "Foundation", "Foundation & Empire" and "Second Foundation". Foss also contributed artwork to the Terran Trade Authority books.

Swissport air-side Despatch

I had never been behind the scenes at an ...

Swissport Despatch Desks CGI

Lucas ProFinish

  Lucas ProTools approached me to ...

Lucas ProFinish handle closeup