3d training by Viscorbel

Two weeks ago I put some money into online 3d training courses from Austris Cingulis, who runs the website www.viscorbel.com.  I have been a big fan of his site for many years, and he has produced some excellent free tutorials from which I learned many cool tricks and tips.  The tutorials I bought include modules on lighting interiors and creating Vray materials.

The quality of the video tutorials can’t be faulted. They are clear, concise and packed with information. Austris obviously planned his recordings meticulously because there is not a wasted moment in the presentations and only a handful of very short overdubs were detectable – added after the recording just to clarify a finer point or to draw the viewer’s attention to a last minute change to the settings onscreen which was probably made subconsciously while working.

I have purchased 3D Studio and Vray tutorials online before and I can safely say that these are among the very best.  Straight out the gate I learned techniques to improve on the realism of the various materials I need to put in my scenes such as wood, metals and plastics, whilst also finding some basics on Vray’s rendering and global illumination settings which save valuable render time.

I had a small problem downloading one of the tutorials, but when I contacted Austris he was extremely helpful and it turned out the fault was partly mine. He quickly helped me resolve the issue, so a big thumbs up for his service levels too.  I’ll be following his site as always and will be very keen to see the next updates.

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