Pog Kitchen 31-08-143D graphics has always interested me, but it wasn’t until back in 2008 that I had access to a sufficiently fast computer and a license of 3DS Max. It was then that I made my first concerted effort to really learn how to use Max and to create interior visualisations with a high degree of realism and in commercially viable timescales. At the time I was producing artwork daily for clients, sketching interior concepts by hand and colouring them up in Photoshop to get quick buy-in. I decided that in order to really get across what could be achieved would have to invest some time and effort into putting together an example scene.

I found a photo online of a Poggenpohl kitchen which looked stylish and well shot and decided that I would do my best to recreate the scene as closely as possible with the objective of making a realistic image. This scene turned into a real labour of love and I reworked it time and time again, lighting it in various ways, testing material shaders, adding in new features as I learned them. I spent my lunch breaks studying online tutorials, learning how mentalray’s Global Illumination system could be used to light the scene realistically.

Early render of the Pogenpohl kitchen

Early attempt at recreating the Pogenpohl kitchen using 3dsMax and mentalray render engine.

Original kitchen photograph from the Poggenpohl online catalogue.

The original kitchen photograph from the Poggenpohl online catalogue.


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