Southwark Street exterior visuals

Southwark Street Parallax

Cladding the front of 93 Southwark Street in London was going to change its appearance considerably so TMD London contacted me with a request to produce some 3D visuals of the proposed design.  This was the first project I had worked on for them and also the first time I had been commissioned to produce any exterior visuals, so this was of particular interest and gave me some new challenges to work on. Since the construction design had been agreed upon with the end-client already, the main task left to me was to produce an accurate image with a pleasing over all look and feel. Thankfully the team at TMD provided some excellent source material to get the ball rolling, including elevation drawings and a render from Sketchup which served as an indicator of the colour scheme.We looked at several camera views and environmental set-ups before settling on an uncluttered, pictorial-style presentation. Google Streetview was particularly handy – it helped me to see the actual scene as it is now and I used it for reference when modelling the surrounding architectural features.The brightly coloured cladding panels on the front of the building were created with the Bercon tile map, allowing the proportions and colour of each panel to be adjusted with a minimum of fuss. Following the successful submission of the artwork I decided carry on updating the scene and produced the night render of the building to add to my folio. You can contact TMD London through their website:


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